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  1. Cheesecake Supreme 7"

    Cheesecake Supreme 7"

    Our original recipe! Made with the creamiest cream cheese, pure vanilla and real butter baked on the freshest pecan and crunchy graham cracker crust, the Cheesecake Supreme is the delectable basis from which all Jubilations flavors have been developed. Learn More
  2. Chocolate Marble Fantasy 7"

    Chocolate Marble Fantasy 7"

    Two classics combine in a truly spectacular treat for the tastebuds. Our classic creamy chocolate cheesecake is marbled into the Jubilations Cheesecake Supreme (our most popular cheesecake) and baked over a crunchy pecan and chocolate graham cracker crust for a delightful treat. Learn More
  3. Chocolate Supreme 7"

    Chocolate Supreme 7"

    Made with the creamiest cream cheese, pure chocolate and real butter baked on the freshest pecan and crunchy graham chocolate crust, all topped with fresh baked crushed chocolate cookies. Learn More
  4. Key Lime 7"

    Key Lime 7"

    Our classic creamy original cheesecake flavored with authentic key lime juice shipped air freight to Jubilations straight from Key West, Florida and baked on a blonde graham cracker and pecan crust. A tingling tartness makes this flavor delicious as a sunrise in the Keys. Learn More
  5. Mississippi Mud 7"

    Mississippi Mud 7"

    Here in the South we call this one "homemade sin". A chocolate graham cracker crust is loaded with peanuts and supports our creamy vanilla filling. The cheesecake is finished off with our sour cream topping gooey chocolate fudge and pieces of Snickers candy bar. Learn More
  6. Oreo 7"

    Oreo 7"

    You know the sensation! Twisting the cookie apart. Dipping it into creamy milk. We've captured the taste that makes your mouth water with our creamy vanilla cheesecake, full of broken pieces of those beloved Oreo® cookies and baked on a chocolate cookie crust. The whole cake is then topped with even more Oreos®. You might need some milk for this one. Learn More
  7. Red Velvet 7"

    Red Velvet Cheesecake 7"

    What could possibly make cheesecake better?  Perhaps rich, red devils food cake on the bottom, then a thick layer of cheesecake, then a healthy layer of cream cheese icing, topped with a sprinkling of crushed pecans, that's what! This one is a sure holiday favorite, but quite honestly, it can be enjoyed all year 'round.  There are lots of pretty red velvet cheesecakes out there, but wait until you TASTE what Jubilations has created! Learn More
  8. Southern Caramel Praline Pecan 7"

    Southern Caramel Praline Pecan 7"

    This southern delicacy is a result of the merger of two ingredients near and dear to the hearts of us who live in Louisiana and Mississippi - real caramel and praline pecans. The creamy filling has a light caramel flavor throughout and is highlighted by praline coated pecans, baked on a blonde pecan and graham cracker crust. The whole cake is covered in incredibly rich caramel and more pecans. Unbeatable! Learn More
  9. Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake 7"

    Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake 7"

    Regular Price: $27.50

    Special Price $25.00

    We bake moist and sweet white cake on the bottom and layer strawberries and strawberry glaze on top of the cake, and then bake our delicious cheesecake on top of the strawberries. We top the cake with whipped cream and place a strawberry half on top of each slice. In the South where we are, using the name strawberry shortcake is serious business, and we are proud to claim the name. Learn More
  10. Strawberry Swirl 7"

    Strawberry Swirl 7"

    We've swirled a delicious strawberry fruit slurry into our supreme cheesecake filling. But that's not all… we've placed it all on a flaky pastry crust. But that's still not all… we've topped the cheesecake with a double layer of sweetened sour cream and pink whipped cream. Perhaps our most unique cheesecake; a sure culinary delight. Learn More

Cheesecakes 1 to 10 of 15 total

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